An Experience Your Friends Will Never Forget.

Enjoy unique expressions, be funny and memorable.

what's stinky about the fart jar


Make your friends cry with the most disgusting result from an overdose of hot dogs with avocado, eggs, and bananas.


Not the ordinary princess gas. Get the chance to blur your friend’s faces with the most curated stinky creations.


There’s no glamour in just farting in your friend’s face. So instead, get a fart from some rotten American asses delivered to your friend’s door with a note.


Artisan #1: GASSY GUS

Lookin’ for a thick, greasy, room-clearing cloud of intestinal gas to get your day started? How can we describe Gassy Gus… Well, if a normal stinker is a rap on the drum, this fellas diesel death-clouds are a Jazz orchestra, freestyling into the wind at truck stops and construction sites across the country. Open at your own risk!


Borborygmus Barbara has been known to strip the paint off the walls whenever she let’s one loose. She’s been kicked out of more gyms than you’ve been to, and hotboxed more unsuspecting victims than Cheech and Chong. If you’re in need of a monstrous malodor tightly sealed in a smell-proof jar, look no further! Recipients beware.

Artisan #3: WINDY WENDY

We try to make it a point not to judge our clients, but be forewarned that Windy Wendy has been firing military grade ammunition outta her rear-end since the 1960’s. One huff of this miasmic mixture and you’re sure to suffer a loss of appetite so grand, Jenny Craig may threaten to put you out of business. Don’t let her advanced age fool you, Wendy’s wicked wallops will singe you into submission with the vinegar scented vigor of a thousand armies. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

ARTISAN #4: Odorous Otis

Otis’ hindquarter halitosis has always been foul due to his poor hygiene and digestive health, but since he became a muckbang Youtuber his toilet tremors have taken on a reputation for being harder to stomach than a punch in the gut. Otis has been known to let his anal acoustics rip across the mic on livestreams like a symphonic song of trouser suffering, complete with a tuba solo. If you’re wondering what a 65 piece fried chicken meal smells like after fermenting in diet cola for a few weeks, feel free to call off your search, because we’ve got your guy right here, squatting over a jar for your “special” someone.

perfect for


Is one of your friends having a birthday soon? Great! Make an impression he will never forget.


Make a stinky impression your close ones will remember forever.


There’s no better way to remember old times than with an ice breaker prank that will get everybody in the mood.

Why Pay For A Fart?

We seriously doubt that your intestines will be capable of reproducing the Skunk farts that our artisans make after eating Mexican food. Or the patience to wrap it so beautifully without letting escape a tiny molecule of gas.

what are you waiting for?

Fart-Them Up!

The Best Prank Of Your Life

What Pranksters Say

“If you want a gift that smells like a fresh diarrhea explosion from taco bell, this is the thing you need. It smells horrid and will leave your victim with an everlasting memory”.


“It smells so awful. I rarely smell things this awful, and I work with animals. It Smells like something expired in the dairy section and your local grocery and is a great prank gift”.